Contract for Bidonline


In consideration of the opportunity to participate in on-line events ('On-Line Events') held and conducted by the Trident Ltd. on the website (this 'Site') hosted by Trident Ltd ('Site Owner'), your company ('Participant' or 'You') agrees to the following terms and conditions ('Bidder Agreement').

1.Bids: If You are invited to participate in the On-Line Event, Sponsor reserves the right to amend, modify or withdraw this On-Line Event. Sponsor reserves the right to accept or reject all or part of your proposal.Submission of a bid does not create a contract or any expectation by Participant of a future business relationship. Rather, by submitting a bid, you are making a firm offer which Sponsor may accept to form a contract, subject to section 2 below. Sponsor is not liable for any costs incurred by Participant in the preparation, presentation, or any other aspect of Participant's bid.

2.Use of site : You undertake to use site solely as per Bidder Agreement. Any and all activities aimed at limiting or preventing the use of site or actually impairing or preventing the use of site are prohibited. In particular, you undertake to not to obstruct, block or modify the site’s infrastructure. The Participant is liable under civil and criminal law for any and all damage which the Site Owner or third parties suffer from the use of such programs or procedures contrary to agreement.

3.Price Quotes. Except to the extent Sponsor allows a non-binding bid, all Bids which Participant submits through the On-Line Events are legally valid quotations without qualification.

4.Procedures and Rules: Participant further agrees to be bound by the procedures and rules established by the Site and Sponsor.

5.Confidentiality: Participant shall keep all user names and passwords, the On-Line Event content, other confidential materials provided by the Site and/or Sponsor, and all bids provided by You or another participating organization in confidence and shall not disclose the foregoing to any third party.

6.Bids through Site only:Participant agrees to submit bids only through the on-line bidding mechanism supplied by the Site and not to submit bids via any other mechanism including.

7.Ethical Conduct: All parties will prohibit unethical behavior and are expected to notify the Site Owner by contacting the appropriate project team if they witness practices that are counter-productive to the fair operation of the On-Line Event. If Participant experiences any difficulties during a live On-Line Event, Participant must notify Site Owner immediately.

8.Exclusion of liability:The Site Owner accepts no liability for damage caused to the Participant, its legal representatives or agents or third parties as a result of using Site on computers, hardware or software.

9.Copyright, right of use: All company logos, data, programs, texts and images are subject to copyright. Modification, processing and use of any kind is not permitted without prior written approval.

10.Indemnification:The Participant shall indemnify the Site Owner from all claims filed against the User, its legal representatives or vicarious agents due to any act or omission of the participant.

11.Amendments: The Site Owner reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time without giving reasons. The amended conditions shall be notified to participant on the start page of sitte.

Prices mentioned here-in-above are on Ex-Mill & AS IS WHERE IS BASIS, As is what is basis, No Recourse Basis.

Transportation and Transit Insurance in scope of Customer.

Bid once punched cannot be cancelled.

This order confirmation constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to thesubject matter hereof. It sets forth all intended rights and obligations and supersedes any and allprevious agreements and understandings between them with respect to the subject matter hereof.

The Courts in Barnala shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to entertain, try and adjudicate any dispute arising out of this Online bid exercise.

This is system generated agreement, hence no need of Signature.